Carrier Dome
900 Irving Ave
Syracuse, NY 13244

Stadium Control     315-443-4221
Pete Sala Vice President & Chief Facilities Officer
Carrier Dome Managing Director 3517

Carrier Dome Support

John DeFrancisco Facility Systems Specialist 3942
Dave Beickert Audio Systems Specialist 4190
Morey Mossovitz Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities 4981
Lacey Kohl Operations  

Management Office


Mark Barbuto Event Staff Manager 5202
Tom Benzel Assistant Director of Business and Operations 3883
Robyn Orefice Carrier Dome Senior Secretary 3603
Julie Hughes Carrier Dome Office Coordinator 4678
Gail Chadick Carrier Dome Office Assistant  4634

Box Office

315-443-2121 or 1-888-366-3849

Please email  with any questions you may have.

Jeremiah Maher  Assistant Athletics Director for Ticket sales & Operations 2121
Mark Potter
Assistant Director of Ticketing Operations   2121
Peter Irvine Manager Ticketing Systems    
Rebecca Hebert Carrier Dome Box Office   2121
Kristen Schroeder Carrier Dome Box Office   2121
Keri DeSantis Carrier Dome Box Office   2121
Lori LaShombe Accountant   2121
Amanda Hassett Carrier Dome Box Office   2121

Catering / Concessions / retail Office

315-443-4244 / 315-443-4029

Mark Tewksbury Assistant Director Concessions / Merchandise Services 9876
Brian Zilles Concessions Operations Manager 9873
Leon Douglas Concession Supervisor 4024
Janeen Salzman Merchandise Supervisor 9875
Vera Gibbs Concession Office Manager 4029
Kelley Champa Assistant Director Catering Manager 5284
Donna Pascarella Catering Manager 0185
Christi Pluff Private suite coordinator 9877